Our Ministries


Local Missions

We love partnering with different churches, businesses, schools, and people in our local community! We provide breakfast for our local school teachers, provide lunches for Trinity UMC’s food pantry, partner with Habitat for Humanity in their build projects, and even help with small projects for people in our community with our Helping Hands ministry. If one of these ministries piques your interest and you would like to join, click on the appropriate link below to sign-up!

School Partnership: Sign-Up Link Coming Soon
Trinity Lunches: Volunteer
Helping Hands: Volunteer
Habitat for Humanity: Sign-Up Link Coming Soon


Mission Partner Support

We have several mission partners outside of the US in Angola, Haiti, Belize, and Cuba. We have volunteers who help maintain contact with those mission partners as well as keep our congregation updated about them too. You can find out more about our global mission partners by clicking right HERE.

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Mission Trip Planning

We desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus, spreading His story and helping all who are in need. We’d love to have someone take charge of looking for mission trip oppurtunities and planning those trips out.

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Children’s Ministries

Our Children’s ministry is for kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade, but there are some programs for our younger kids too! For more details on our Children’s Ministry, you can visit our dedicated page by clicking HERE.



Tribe Students

Tribe Students is for our middle and high school students, 6th to 12th grade. They meet on a weekly basis on Wednesdays and Sundays. They also participate in a ton of events throughout the year. For more information, you can visit their dedicated page by clicking HERE.



Adult Discipleship

No matter our age, we want to continue to grow in our faith, and we have a lot of opportunities for you to do just that. We have weekly Bible Studies and Small Groups, and Sunday Morning Classes. You can find out more by clicking those links. If you want to lead a Small Group or Sunday School class, we provide training! Just contact Pastor Denvil at denvil@portcharlottechurch.com.


Office & Administration

We have several volunteer teams who help the church office run and manage certain administrative areas. This includes our Money Counters team, which counts up the tithes and offerings from the previous Sunday and reports to our Financial Administrator; our Bulletin Team, which meets on Friday mornings to put the bulletins together for Sunday morning; and our Membership Support team helps keep track of our membership records and make sure all our info is up to date.

Money Counters: Sign-Up Link Coming Soon
Bulletin Team: Volunteer
Membership Support: Sign-Up Link Coming Soon


Tech Team

Our Tech Team makes our services run! They run our soundboard, our media/screens, and our Livestream on Sunday mornings. This team welcomes those who don’t have any previous tech experience, as our tech leader, Brett, is willing to teach anyone.


Praise and Worship Team

Our praise and worship team leads worship for our 9:30am Contemporary worship service. The goal of the praise and worship team is to give people the opportunity to come to church and focus on God through music, NOT to put on a performance. They meet at the church on Thursday nights from 6:30pm – 8:00pm to read a devotion together and practice the songs for the upcoming Sunday. All are welcome to join the team. We just ask that you come to a rehearsal to see if it would be a good fit before you play or sing on a Sunday morning.


Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir is only active during the winter and fall months. They lead worship for our traditional service, mostly just the 11:00am service and on special occasions, also the 8:00am service. They help lead our opening hymn and then also sing our offertory anthem, which is typically a choral piece led by our choir director, David deSilva. The choir learns the music through reading sheet music, so it is recommended that you are able to read music. They rehearse on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

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Handbell Choir

Our Handbell Choir performs a prelude piece once a month during the winter and fall months. They read sheet music, and each person is responsible for just two to four pitches during the song. It is strongly recommended that you are able to read music before joining this choir. They practice on Wednesday mornings at 10:00am.

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Worship Servants

Worship servants include our Altar Guild and Communion Stewards. Our Communion Stewards help prepare and serve Communion. We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month, and for special services such as Christmas Eve and Easter. This is an important role as this is the time we remember Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross where He paid the penalty for our sins. Our Altar Guild helps decorate the Sanctuary and the Altar for the appropriate seasons.

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In our traditional services, we have a couple of liturgical acts that take place during the service that we love to have volunteers be a part of. The first is our Call to Worship, where our liturgist leads the congregation in reading from Scripture to prepare us for the worship service. They also recite an Affirmation of Faith, where they lead a congregation in a creed that states what we believe.



Hospital Visitation Team

If you have ever been in a hospital, you know how cut off and out of touch you can feel. Sometimes you could just use someone to talk with. So, we have a small group of individuals who visit those in the hospital by both talking and praying with them. We visit both Fawcett and ShorePoint hospitals. It is rewarding and spiritually warming to know you have helped someone in need by having them remember they are not alone as long as they keep God in the mix. 

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Stephen Ministry

A Stephen Minister is someone who provides Christian care, prayer, and Christ-like love to all who need it. Whether you’ve recently lost a loved one, are going through a divorce or separation, recently lost your job, diagnosed with a serious illness, or any difficult situation, a Stephen Minister can be there for you. Stephen Ministers listen and pray as they journey alongside care recipients.

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Sunshine Ministry

Our Sunshine Ministry volunteers visit those who are homebound and living in assisted living facilities. They make sure those who cannot regularly attend church in person continue to feel connected and cared for by their church family.



Ushers & Greeters

Our Ushers and Greeters help our guests feel welcomed and cared for on Sunday mornings. They hand bulletins to everyone who comes in the door, help people find a place to sit if needed, and on Communion Sundays, help serve Communion to the whole congregation.

8:00 Service – Sign-Up Link Coming Soon
9:30 Service – Sign-Up Link Coming Soon
11:00 Service – Sign-Up Link Coming Soon

Connection Point

The Connection Point serves as a place for new visitors to get connected with the church and to receive a free gift, but also for current members or anyone to sign-up for small groups or to volunteer for an upcoming event.

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Weekday Welcome Desk

Throughout the week, we have different volunteers who spend time making sure everyone who comes through our doors feels welcome and also answer phone calls with a friendly voice and offer help and assistance or direct them to the appropriate ministry leader.



Grounds Crew

Do you notice how the plants, trees, and other greenery areas are always kept looking good around our church? This is a huge thanks to our Grounds Crew team! They meet every Friday morning from 8:00am until 10:00am to maintain the greenery around the church, spray for weeds, lay down mulch, and replace plants when needed. They also maintain areas around the parking lot, which include the gazebo and playground areas. All are welcome to volunteer as part of this team.


Kitchen Ministries

For funerals and special events, we use our kitchen to cook for those will be in attendance. For funerals, we host a personal reception in our Fellowship Hall, so we always have someone prepared to make food for it. We also have special events, like Holy Week lunches, or Pancake breakfast where we always could have help in food preparation.

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Good News Club

Our partnership with Good News Club gives us the opportunity to go to a public school and teach elementary-aged children about Jesus and the Bible. For some kids, this is considered their church for those kids whose families don’t go to church on Sunday. This is their only chance to hear about the grace that God offers and to enter into a relationship with Jesus. We are currently going to Kingsway Elementary on Mondays from 2:45pm to 5:00pm. We would love all the help we can get to let kids know that God loves them and cares for them!

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New Movers Outreach

Our New Movers Outreach Team sends out information to people who have recently moved to our area. We let them know about our church to give them the opportunity to make connections in their new area.


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