Long-Term Small Groups

Men's Bible Study

Our Men’s Bible Study is for men who want to gain a greater understanding of God’s word and grow more like Jesus. They are currently studying the Gospel of John.

Meeting Time: Thursday @ 1:00pm
Meeting Location: Prayer Room

Iron Men

“Iron Men” is tailored for men with busy schedules who have mornings free. Join us for Bible Study sessions and collective spiritual growth. All men of the church are invited to attend and strengthen their faith alongside fellow believers.

Start Date: February 15th
Meeting Time
: Thursdays at 6:00am
Meeting Location: Prayer Room

Kavanaugh Small Group

This small group is primarily for those who live in the Kingsgate area. They will be reading through the New Testament.

Meeting Time: Bi-Monthly on Thursdays @ 6:00pm
Meeting Location: Kavanaugh’s Home

Reeves Small Group

This group is optimal for those who live in the city of North Port. They will be doing a study on the “Deeper Connections Series: The Prayers of Jesus.”

Meeting Time: Every other Thursday @1:00pm
Meeting Location: Reeves’ Home

Women of Wisdom

This Bible Study group is for women who want to grow in Wisdom as they study Scripture together, verse by verse.

Meeting Time: Thursdays @ 6:00pm
Meeting Location: Contact Merci Hotchkin

Scheidecker Small Group

This group starts with a themed potluck dinner and then studies messages from Pastor Robert Morris. They meet during the winter and fall months.

Meeting Time: Every other Sunday @ 5:00pm
Meeting Location: Scheidecker’s Home

If you need any further information, contact denvil@portcharlottechurch.com

Interested in starting a Group?

Are you feeling God’s call for you to take a step of faith and lead a small group? Pastor Denvil would be happy to meet with you and help you prepare for this important role. You can contact him via email at denvil@portcharlottechurch.com.

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